Cooling systems: design and installation

With its headquarters in Russi, in the province of Ravenna, Serfrigo are leaders in the design and installation of modern cooling systems that, in addition to temperature regulation, allow the effective control of humidity to deliver high performance and energy saving systems. From the food to the petroleum industry, Serfrigo can provide cooling systems that meet the highest safety standards by developing customised and technologically advanced solutions for every client.

Industrial cooling systems

For food preservation, Serfrigo offers a range of solutions. From refrigerating cells to refrigerated counters, lockers and refrigerated warehouses for industry, retail outlets and large retailers. Equipped with control panels and simple programming, cooling systems offer the possibility of setting the temperature and humidity level to meet the specific needs of the activity. The range of industrial chillers proposed by Serfrigo also includes special systems for the refrigeration of oil extraction and gas distribution systems. Our devices can also be equipped with tele-control equipment, ensuring efficient remote operation of the chillers as well as carrying real-time alarms, fault messages, or operating malfunctions. Serfrigo is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and sets the benchmark for compliance and safety both locally and internationally.

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