Installation and maintenance of industrial air conditioners

A company specialising in air conditioning, Serfrigo is a trusted partner for the supply of state-of-the-art industrial air conditioners and state-of-the-art air treatment systems. In the production field, air conditioning is a fundamental requirement for product quality and proper storage. In this respect, Serfrigo designs solutions for a diverse range of sector, ensuring excellent performance and maximum safety and energy savings.

Air conditioning systems

Serfrigo, always attentive to the evolution of the latest technology and regulations in force, offers a wide and diverse range of industrial air conditioners:

  • Direct expansion type Split, multi-split and channelled plants;
  • Systems for the industrial sector with large direct expansion equipment and / or VRF or VRV variable range;
  • Hydronic devices (refrigerated water circulation) for environmental cooling;
  • Direct expansion oxygen systems for ventilation during industrial processes and cooling operating machines.

Technical assistance and review

Serfrigo is based in Russi in the province of Ravenna and employs highly trained and constantly updated technicians in order to deliver full and professional services to customers. From design to system installation, periodic scheduled maintenance and scheduled maintenance of air conditioners.
For more information and technical advice call 0544.583786 today.

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