Design and maintenance of refrigeration systems

Do you need to store foods or goods at a constant and uniform temperature? Since 1999 Serfrigo in Ravenna has specialised in the design, construction and installation of refrigeration and industrial and commercial ventilation systems. We also operate throughout the Forli region of Italy.

Industrial refrigeration

Serfrigo has the know-how and equipment needed to effectively control not only the temperature but also the humidity level of environments using the available products. The result is silent, high efficiency and energy efficient installations. Serfrigo offers customers the opportunity to revise the cooling systems already in place, providing both time and financial company savings. The procedure is well-established and allows the restoration- and often improvement of - the original equipment efficiency, significantly reducing energy consumption. The steps followed by our technicians are:

  • Disassembly of the machine;
  • Control of each component and, if necessary, replacement or repair;
  • Full report on the operations carried out;
  • Directions for proper maintenance of the equipment.

Professionals supporting the food industry

In our work, Serfrigo addresses a range of commercial realities, from department stores dealing with large food distribution to smaller businesses such as shops and restaurants that need smaller refrigeration units. On behalf of all customers, the company doesn't just supply refrigeration plants, but also provides technical assistance and maintenance of refrigeration units. Furthermore, our technical staff can provide clients with basic advice on how to use their equipment, to optimise plant efficiency and keep everything in the best condition.

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