Installation of ventilation systems

Ventilation systems are used both in civil and industrial environments to ensure proper air re-circulation within apartments, shops, offices and factories without any heat dissipation in winter or heat entering 'Summer buildings'. Serfrigo deals with the supply and installation of these ventilation systems for civil and industrial use, serving the entire province of Ravenna and Forli, Italy.

Natural or forced air recirculation

Serfrigo offers two types of plant-type: natural or forced driving. The characteristics of both these types of plants are regulated by industry standards. Natural ventilation is directly related to the usage of existing openings in buildings to regulate the passage of air, depending on the type of environment and people present. Forced ventilation, however, involves the installation of equipment, such as industrial ventilators, with a specific, air flow and whose number and location in the building is carefully calculated and designed.

Industrial heat distribution: thermo-ventilation

Serfrigo also offers professional ventilation fansfor plants that are capable of heating large spaces such as warehouses and shops. Used mainly in winter, these machines allow heat distribution throughout the environment and, combined with air suction systems, ensure clean air, energy efficiency and total safety. We also deal with air conditioning units, heating systems and refrigeration systems.

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